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Pool Closed for 2021 Season

May 5, 2021

Dear Decoverly Community Association Homeowner/Resident:

I am writing on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Decoverly Community Association and hope that you and your families are staying well and healthy during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Having given careful consideration to the many issues which will affect our community pool during this pandemic, including CDC Guidelines on social distancing and disinfecting requirements, Montgomery County restrictions on pool usage and health guideline restrictions, additional operating expenses to comply with County and State requirements, exposure of the Association due to insurance liability (communicable diseases are not covered under the insurance policy) and legal liability of operating the pool, the Board has decided that the pool will not open this summer.

The decision was made after extensive consultations and discussions of what would be necessary to open and manage the pool with the necessary Covid-19 restrictions. The requirements included additional staffing, sanitizing, daily disinfecting, capacity enforcement, and liability concerns. Additionally, the fact that County requirements would have severely limited the number of residents at the pool at the same time and limited the length of time allowed was also a consideration. If the unexpected happened, and there was an infection within Decoverly, the pool would have to be shut down, the Health Department notified, and the history of users would have to undergo possible testing or other quarantine procedures.

Although the Board realizes this may be disappointing for the residents of the community, this decision was made in the best interests of the health and safety of all Decoverly Community Association residents.

The Board is pleased to announce a new website for the Decoverly Community Association that provides important information and notices for all homeowners/residents. The Decoverly Community Association website is: https://dcainfo.org/

The Board thanks you for your understanding of this decision during these unprecedented times and wishes you and your family continued health during this pandemic.

Steve Leskowitz
Steve Leskowitz, Agent for
Decoverly Community Association